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5 Marketing Trends You Must Not Ignore in 2016

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Forbes recently had an article by Jennifer Rooney on the 5 marketing trends you must not ignore in 2016. Whether you are the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for your mlm firm or you are an independent networker, these are trends that can push your business to new heights.

The 5 marketing trends were identified by Jim Lecinski, VP Americas Customer Solutions at Google.

They include the following:

1) Product Digitization

Regardless of the product, chances are that it can be digitized in some way. You can already see what is happening with digital kitchen appliances, smart cars, etc. If you don’t speak with your product developers about how your products can be digitized, you can lose a competitive edge. Also, as Lecinski stated according to the article, these digitized products will facilitate greater brand engagement which is so important for marketers.

2) Mobile Marketing

I have previously written several articles here on MLM Consultants’ Blog about the importance of mobile marketing. Particularly with the millennials, the largest consumer segment, their purchasing journey typically starts with mobile. If you wish to secure new customers and new networkers, you cannot ignore mobile marketing in 2016.

3) Entrepreneurial Fervor and Person-to-Person Buying and Selling

The rise of firms like Uber, Airbnb and many others have given established traditional companies the jitters. The newer disruptive firms are tapping into the current entrepreneurial fervor taking place. Also, people are now more than ever before buying and selling from one another. Millions of networkers around the globe in the mlm industry have been doing that for decades. Hence these trends actually align with the mlm network marketing business model.

4) Programmatic Advertising

If you follow this mlm blog on best practices, you will also have read previous posts relating to programmatic advertising. This type of advertising aims to reach the right person at the right time with the right ad on his/her buying journey through various touch points. This too is predicted to explode in 2016. Marketers who make use of it properly can garner more customers and networkers in a more cost efficient manner.

5) The Trend That May Surprise You

To read about the fifth trend, visit Forbes CMO Network so that you can take action to capitalize on that trend as well.

You still have time before 2016 to do an internal audit to see if you are implementing strategies and tactics taking advantage of these trends. If not, there’s still time to take action so that you can capitalize on these 5 marketing trends you must not ignore in 2016. In doing so, we hope that you enjoy an even more prosperous year in 2016!

(Once again I’ll be at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January of 2016 as part of the media covering the event. Let me know if you are going to attend so I can meet you there. The Summit, in my opinion, is one of the best conferences in the world for networkers and affiliates. Since INLC is an affiliate for the Affiliate Summit, should you register via this site, our firm could receive remuneration.)

Debbi A. Ballard introduced the world’s first comprehensive marketing and management consulting services for start-ups and established multinational firms in the mlm (network marketing) industry. A consultant, speaker, author and expert witness, she is considered a trusted authority and visionary in that industry. She is also recognized for her innovation and leadership relating to the convergence issues that impact network marketing and affiliate marketing. Thousands of corporate owners, managers, networkers, and affiliates subscribe to her firm’s newsletter, MyNetBrief(tm), for news, research and valuable tips.

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  1. Fantastic information about what’s going on in the network marketing business for 2016.

  2. Appreciate the comment and hope it helps you in your business.

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