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5 Pillars of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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WOMMA, in this video, discusses the 5 pillars of word-of-mouth marketing. WOMMA is the trade association that focuses on online social media marketing and offline word-of-mouth marketing.

WOMMA arose due to the popularity of social media recognizing that brands would be greatly impacted with this new media. And, thus, WOMMA wanted to educate companies on the benefits that can be enjoyed when word-of-mouth marketing is employed properly.

According to the WOMMA video above, there are 5 pillars supporting an effective word-of-mouth marketing program which include the following:

1) Credibility must be honest and authentic in all marketing messages

2) Respectful must be transparent and trustworthy in all engagements

3) Social must listen, participate, respond, and engage

4) Measurable must define, monitor and evaluate a WOMM program’s progress

5) Repeatable must convey something that people want to talk about

So ask yourself if your mlm company is utilizing these guidelines and if you are also using them in your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. If you are a networker always remember to review your company’s policies regarding the use of social media marketing and any other word-of-mouth marketing tactics you use offline. Make sure not to violate those policies.

And if you haven’t read it before, read a previous post I made on an excellent talk given by Seth Godin. This post explains his recommendations regarding how to spread the word by being remarkable.

Take action now by incorporating these 5 pillars of word-of-mouth marketing along with Seth’s suggestions and you could just see a marked increase in your income. Take pride in the fact that it is the $180+ billion direct selling industry, of which mlm/network marketing comprises the largest segment, that pioneered the art and science of word-of-mouth marketing long before social media.

Debbi A. Ballard introduced the world’s first comprehensive marketing and management consulting services for start-ups and established multinational firms in the mlm (network marketing) industry. A consultant, speaker, author and expert witness, she is considered a trusted authority and visionary in that industry. She is also recognized for her innovation and leadership relating to the convergence issues that impact network marketing and affiliate marketing.

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