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Affiliate Summit West 2010 Review for the Network Marketing Industry

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Send this article and video to your friends now!

Affiliate Summit scored another win in Las Vegas this month.

What a fantastic event!

If you’re in the network marketing industry and ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how its tactics can expedite the growth of your mlm business, Affiliate Summit West 2010 was the place to be. Whatever your endeavor, however, the insights garnered were invaluable. Read the full review explaining why.

The opening keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Cialdini, most famous online, perhaps, for his writings on social influence principles relating to reciprocity and scarcity. His latest book (as a co-author) is “Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.”

Reciprocity involves what you write about, for example, on your blog addressing those issues to which people can truly relate. Where is the common ground that you have with your readers? He advises business people to focus on that commonality not just on business topics but personal topics as well. It is that common ground focus, he says, that will help you to establish rapport with your readers. As you help them, they, in turn, will want to “reciprocate” and help you.

When your readers begin to trust that you understand their concerns, needs and wants, the trust level is raised and they are more apt to do business with you. This is the first step in building enduring relationships.

Then he spoke about the “scarcity” principle.

He explained how research showed that people are moved to action far more by the fear of losing something rather than gaining something. That reminded me of the long lines at Wal-Mart and other stores when previous Christmas holiday promotions touted huge savings available only to the first, say, 50 or 100 buyers at each store. This scarcity tactic has been used offline for years with great success and internet marketers, including affiliate marketers, have also used it to rake in millions.

The scarcity tactic manifests itself in many different ways in mlm. Observe the networker who says, “If you are among the first 50 people to sign up in my program as a member of my downline, I will___________________to help you.” Another example relates to timing, i.e. “If you are among the first group of Preferred Customers to enroll in the auto-ship program by this date___________________, I will provide_______________________to you.”

The four other principles he addressed were authority, consistency, consensus, and the final principle that resulted in friendship, a true liking and respect between the two parties (you and your readers). You can read more about all these 6 principles of social influence in Dr. Cialdini’s new book mentioned above. .

(In one of my future blog posts I will examine how some internet marketers are abusing these principles, particularly the “scarcity” principle whereby they purposely create false scarcity to create sales. This has gotten many online marketers upset at the lack of ethics illustrated in the use of deception in their “false scarcity” promotions.)

Other speakers also provided insightful data and information like Geno Prussakov who spoke on common affiliate program management mistakes. Geno’s insights as an experienced affiliate program manager, were very helpful not to just other program managers but merchants and affiliates as well.

You know me. You know I don’t waste my precious time. You know that for me to have attended these events for the past several years, they must be pretty special.

As you can gather from the many reviews I’ve done on past Affiliate Summits, they are, indeed, special.

In fact I spoke at the last Affiliate Summit East in New York this past August on the convergence of network marketing and affiliate marketing. Both networkers and affiliates are very interested in this hot topic as the mlm affiliate marketing convergence offers great opportunities.

Astute networkers and affiliates are already signing up for Affiliate Summit East 2010. Now is the time to plan ahead by marking the dates on your calendar and signing up for early bird discounts.

I spoke with networkers who had a booth at the recent Summit and they were thrilled with the quality leads they were generating. Many of the top affiliate marketers in the world attend, so you can imagine what could happen with your network marketing business if even one of those “super affiliates” joined your mlm program.

One last note before I forget…at the recent Affiliate Summit, the new book “Internet Marketing from the Real Experts” was introduced. Guess who is one of the experts in the book? Yes, yours truly. Check it out on All profits are going to fight breast cancer.

This Affiliate Summit West 2010 review for the network marketing industry is another illustration of how we at mlm consultants’ blog are constantly keeping abreast of trends that can help take your business to a higher level.

(As advocates of education and training that help build businesses utilize mlm best practices, INLC is an affiliate of Affiliate Summit.)

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