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Be Careful Who You Listen To in the MLM and Affiliate Marketing Worlds

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OK. Some of you reading my mlm blog on best practices and my newsletter on network marketing know that I’ve said it before. But with what I’m hearing from some others lately, I need to reiterate…

Always maintain a “healthy skepticism.”

This includes being careful about who you listen to in the mlm and affiliate marketing worlds. Having a healthy skepticism has paid off for me immensely throughout the years.


Because although I’m a positive person, I’m also a realist.
I know that I’m not always right.
I know that no one else is always right.
Therefore, I’ve always encouraged you

not to ever blindly follow anyone.

Yes, that includes me.

When you become a critical thinker,
You make the final choices in your mlm or affiliate business.
You take responsibility for your decisions.

That’s what life is all about.

You ask, “Debbi, what started this plea again?”

Once again, I read ramblings by some high profile people
in the affiliate and mlm network marketing worlds about shopping at Wal-Mart.

Supposedly this activity can give you negative energy because you’re feeling that you have to spend wisely or that you’re around people who don’t have the monies you wish to have.

Here’s my confession.

I don’t just shop at high-end stores.
I shop at Wal-Mart. I shop at Costco.

And, get this horror…last Sunday I actually shopped at both!

I guess I should have so much negativity flowing through my veins
right now that I’m immobilized and can’t run my business this week.

Oh, yea, sure.

Here’s the bottom line. When you’re truly confident in yourself.
You’re comfortable anywhere and with anybody

I interact with the very wealthy.
I interact with those struggling to survive day-to-day.

My comfort level is the same with everyone.

So whether I’m in a Wal-Mart or a Nordstroms, it doesn’t matter.
I have a reason for going to one or the other for getting something in particular

that has absolutely nothing to do with how I view myself as a person.

I clearly remember how certain members of the press acted like
elitists when they criticized former Vice-President Dan Quayle for shopping at Costco. How absurd. No rational person cared where the heck he shopped.

When you have a basic respect for people, irrespective of their monies (or lack thereof), their education, their possessions, etc.

then there’s no pretense, no airs of superiority.

Now you’re real. You’re authentic.
You know who you are and what you stand for.

That’s how I am. That’s how I want to remain.

Most of you are probably the same.

So when you read or hear that being around those
who earn less or have less than you or
who do not shop at the “right” stores…

can give you “negative energy” so perhaps,
you should think twice about
being around “those” people or going to “those” stores…

I hope you choose to ignore that advice.

Take heed of any other really valuable information they may give you
but ignore that recommendation because I can tell you this…

if you don’t, you and your mlm or affiliate endeavor will suffer.

When you respect yourself and others
then you’re “real” and at peace inside

and no building, no individual,
can fill you with negative energy and make you feel “less than.”

That inner strength will be noticeable. You will be the one others will want to work with in your mlm network marketing or affiliate business. So think carefully about who you listen to and what they’re saying. Plus, always remember how much I respect you.

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  1. Awesome article Debbi! Why do so many put up the front that they are more positive and better because they don’t shop at Walmart? I am a very positive person as well and chose to shop there, I don’t get any negative feelings from it either. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Right on, Debbi. :D

    It’s just the usual emotional blackmail at work again, just like that other manifestation: “political correctness”.

    Be your own person. Don’t become emotionally dependent on the ideas or opinions of others.

    John Counsel

  3. Great article, the ‘healthy skepticism’ line says it all !

  4. Too funny. I remember reading this same kind of thing about “negative vibes” when shopping at Wal-Mart or Costco…..and I’ve gotta say, what a bunch of baloney, and to me, it sounds like we are in elementary school again.

    You never hear successful business people outside of MLM say that.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being frugal.

  5. I really like it when individuals come together and share ideas.
    Great website, continue the good work!

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