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Do You Have the Courage to Succeed in Your MLM Business?

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Having “courage” is important in your mlm business?

Yes, “courage.”

You won’t find it in most training courses.

You won’t find it as a major topic in management courses.

But, guess what?

It’s truly one of the most vital elements in determining whether or not an mlm company has the “right stuff” to succeed.

If the CEO of an mlm company doesn’t lead with courage, there is no way the mlm business will ever even come close to its potential.

As a networker, the same applies to you.

I built my brand through courage. You can as well.

How did I do it?

* Through a commitment to transparency. Never sacrificing integrity to get ahead. Because of this commitment clients knew they could trust us. Even my newsletter readers knew this. When I addressed audiences at industry conferences, they knew this. And, today, they all still know this.

* Never allowing myself to be mesmerized about what others were doing and mainly just following those strategies and tactics. I always concentrated on developing something better, powerfully creative approaches to move my business forward. I remember people approaching me in the mlm industry when I first started consulting constantly asking, “Debbi, you came out of nowhere and suddenly, it seemed like overnight, you were everywhere, on everyone’s radar. How in the world did you do it?” (And, before that, when I was a distributor, the mlm company owner asked me the same thing.)

Doing what no one else is doing. Being willing to take risks to differentiate yourself.

That is what courage in an mlm business is all about…not just copying what others are doing…and here’s the key…remember this always…

even if what they are doing is successful.

As an mlm company owner, it takes courage to realize that what works for one mlm company may not work for yours.

As a networker, it takes courage to accept the fact that what works for one networker may not work for you.

This is the fallacy of the “duplicatable system” for networkers. Yes, there are some basics that you can utilize, but you must fire up your creative juices to make something special that’s truly yours.

The Bottom Line is This

As an mlm corporate manager, it takes courage to deviate from the norm in trying new things to move your company forward in a big way. As a networker, the same thing applies.

Yes, you should always look at what’s worked (and hasn’t worked) for other companies and other networkers and take advantage of those activities that can work for you.

However, elevate those to a higher level and also look beyond those to totally new and different strategies and tactics.

No Courage Equals No Innovation

The lack of courage suffocates innovation. This cuts across every industry and prevents many firms from enduring long-term.

Courage moved my business forward and allowed me to develop the great reputation we have in the network marketing industry.

Hence “Super Courageous Ideas(tm)” are always an important aspect of what I bring to the table for my mlm corporate clients to move them forward as well.

Are you going to have the courage to do the same so that your mlm network marketing business can succeed?

Leave a comment below and tell everyone on our mlm best practices blog about your courageous idea.

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