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Here’s how Attribution Modeling increases MLM Sales

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Read this important post first and then view the video to learn how attribution modeling can increase your mlm sales. With attribution modeling tools, Google is trying to help you discover the pathways that consumers take before making the decision to buy. The company reports on its analytics blog that “customers interact with a brand 4.3 times over a two day period before they finally make a purchase.”

So you can understand in a world whereby consumers online are doing this, being able to identify the pathways can be invaluable in increasing sales. Here’s an example below of various pathways.

1) Someone visiting a social media site like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. might first hear about your offering and then

2) that person goes to your site from a link on that social media site and then

3) later the next day he/she sees a display ad while browsing online (via remarketing, perhaps) whereby

4) he/she goes back to your site again after clicking on the display ad and finally make the purchase.

For mlm company managers and any networkers involved in online marketing, this information is vital.

1) It helps you get a much better handle on the specifics of the sales funnel and the sales cycle.

2) You will know how to better plan any online campaigns. You can discover pathways that are the most highly converting and design programs that help drive consumers through those pathways.

3) You can better validate the monies you are spending to attract new buyers and new networkers.

4) You will get to know your buyers more in terms of their behavioral buying patterns.

5) Word-of-mouth offline, not just online, will also have to be considered in the equation. This holds true for all companies but especially for network marketing firms and their networkers. How Google and any other attribution modeling programs would be able to integrate that remains to be seen. There are ways that network marketing firms themselves could integrate that in their tracking systems via interactions online with their networkers and customers.

(Note that most companies, in general, just started using attribution modeling in the last couple of years but its use is quickly spreading. There are still refinements that will be made and anyone using the data needs to be careful how the data is interpreted.)

6) Should the company choose to do so, certain information gleaned from a network marketing company’s attribution modeling results can be shared with their networkers to facilitate their sales and sponsoring efforts.

Attribution modeling will become a part of any network marketing firm’s arsenal used to increase mlm sales and acquire new networkers. Serious networkers themselves will also engage in attribution modeling for the same reasons. So here’s to another valuable insight for mlm network marketing companies and networkers from the mlm blog on mlm best practices. View the video and hope you take action now to move your business forward.

Tips: If you’re already familiar with remarketing because you’ve read my previous posts on that important sales driver, and you want to just focus on attribution remodeling right now, just start the video at 8:11 seconds. Also, I highly recommend that you read the excellent research report prepared by Google and Econsultancy on attribution modeling.

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