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How to Promote Your MLM Using Forums

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Today on this mlm consultants’ blog, you’ll learn how to promote your mlm using forums whereby your comments direct targeted consumers back to your own blog. As we previously discussed, you want to develop and promote your own blog so that you can create a list of prospective buyers and opportunity seekers. For example, if you have a blog on how to properly evaluate and use supplements to help achieve and maintain good health, hopefully you are receiving opt-ins to your health oriented newsletter from your site. You stay within your company’s policies and procedures so you are careful not to mention any trademarked names of your mlm company on your blog. As you email your list giving your subscribers important related information, you can occasionally include a link to the self-replicating site you have garnered from your mlm company that promotes your mlm health products. That’s a major benefit of having your own blog.

In addition you can create new subscribers by driving people to your blog via forums. First you must do a search of forums relating to your target audience, i.e. those people most likely to be interested in your product/service and those most interested in earning an additional income. It is easy to check the search engines to find the top forums containing the target audience you wish to reach. After you make a list of those, join the forums, read their policies and begin interacting by asking questions and providing useful answers whenever you can.

Forum marketing is popular. Understand that most people in forums know that the signature line of those individuals making comments is used to promote all kind of offers, including mlm and affiliate marketing offers, by driving traffic (visitors) to the person’s site or blog. As long as you are operating within the policies of your network marketing company, you can also put the direct link that goes to your replicated website in your signature. Keep in mind that when you submit a comment, you may want to spotlight one link over another or change the link(s) for that particular comment. You will always get a higher response if the link in the signature line is related to the topic for which you are providing comments. View the video on how to add links to your signature line in forums.

Be careful to abide by the terms of use provided by the forum. If you violate the terms of the forum whereby you are basically just spamming and not making any real contributions, you can be quickly banned.

Participating in forums and making useful comments on targeted blogs can definitely help drive quality traffic back to your blog. I gave you a specific example in a previous post relating to how a top internet marketer credited much of his success online to his interactions in forums. You can actually expedite this process via various blog submitter software programs. Again you must be careful which program you use and make sure that you don’t use it to create spammy comments. I can attest to the number of these comments that are caught by my own filter on this mlm blog. Anyone today who has any kind of a high profile blog will encounter this and many use the Akismet plugin for wordpress as their filter of choice. I found this plugin to be extremely effective in filtering out spammy comments.

It is important to note that as you leave your links on the signature lines of many different blogs or forums, these links can help you gain higher ranking in the search engines for your keywords. Naturally if you gain higher ranking, you can secure more traffic. More traffic to your blog can mean more subscribers. A bigger list gives you greater opportunities to gain more customers and independent reps for your mlm business.

There are networkers who also incorporate Google Adsense or other PPC ads on their blogs. This is an important decision as by allowing Google or another network to place ads on your blog, you obviously do not want to have ads whereby your visitors are being directed to your mlm competitors. Yes you can earn monies from those ads when a visitor clicks on the ads but that obviously would be defeating the purpose of your blog. Hence whatever ads you place on your blog you should be careful that they are not ads that could cause you to lose prospective customers or networkers. This holds true whether they are PPC ads or any other types of ads.

You now have another strategy you can use to grow your mlm business. Learning how to promote your mlm using forums is extremely valuable. Take advantage of it today by commenting on our mlm blog now and checking out the blog submitter software.

(Note: INLC is an affiliate for the software program mentioned in this blog post. As such INLC would receive remuneration should you decide to invest in the software to expand your business.)

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