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MLM and Affiliate Summit West 2009 Review, Part 2

by Debbi A. Ballard, MLM consultant
copyright, 2009, Debbi A. Ballard All rights reserved.

In Part 1 of my Affiliate Summit West 2009 Review, I mentioned keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk of I told all of you in the mlm network marketing community how he encouraged the audience to think big when promoting their businesses. He also, however, cautioned about being realistic. He said that too many internet marketers think that they can build their businesses overnight.

In the MLM industry, we know that many get the same pitch as those in affiliate marketing and for most people, this “overnight business success” is just not true. Gary emphasized how he worked for eighteen months online before seeing his business really move forward.

He spent a lot of time interacting in forums relating to his industry to get to know what the “buzz” was about and who the key people were. Then, with the contacts he made, he utilized a tactic that was particularly valuable in revving up sales.


Yes, twitter.

Basically, twitter allows you to make “tweets” or brief updates as to what you are doing at any given moment. These can relate to your personal and/or business life. It’s another social networking tool that allows you to gain a presence online and gain “followers” who have decided to automatically receive your updates.

For example, if you twitter me (like you should), you will find my profile along with my URL for my blog. You’ll also find the updates I’ve made. In the right hand corner of my twitter page, you can sign up for twitter, set up your profile and then click on “follow me” on my page and on your twitter page you will automatically get my updates and those of anyone else you follow.

After you follow me, I will be notified and then I can choose to follow you. There are various ways one can be notified.

I just recently started to use twitter and it is fascinating. However, if you know me, I am not going to use it to waste time.

I am going to use it to share more “breaking news” and insights for my readers. Additional content is always provided for my mlm blog readers and my newsletter readers so make sure you read all three.

As Gary says, everyone in business needs to remember that while sharing great information with others, you still want to monetize your efforts, regardless of whatever social networking sites you use.

As in all social networking activities, there are protocols to utilize. So be careful how you use twitter and again, like I always emphasize…

let your personality shine through but do not say something you would regret later on, especially if you start promoting your mlm products or services or your mlm business opportunity

in an obtrusive manner

in a way that violates your mlm company’s policies and procedures

or that gives rise to problems with misrepresentations, etc.

MLM network marketers, affiliate marketers and an increasing number of entrepreneurs are joining twitter to make contacts, build relationships and expand their businesses. You can too.

So now you know about twitter and how it’s helping Gary and others. Here are just some final thoughts on Affiliate Summit West 2009.

In heading up the firm that’s leading the way for entrepreneurs to understand the convergence issues impacting mlm and affiliate marketing and hoping to facilitate the use of mlm best practices and affiliate marketing best practices, I encourage you to take advantage of some of the people from the Summit who shared their tips.

You should get to know Joel Comm (Google AdSense fame and now also an evangelist for mobile marketing), Rosalind Gardner, Anik Singal and Colin McDougall. They were just a few of the successful affiliate marketers who participated in panel discussions giving tips at Affiliate Summit West 2009.

Then follow this mlm blog as I write about the mlm affiliate marketing convergence and you will find yourself much further ahead in your business than those engaged solely in either world. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter. Do it now so you can start taking advantage of this tool.

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