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MLM Leads – What No One is Telling You Except Debbi

by Debbi A. Ballard, MLM Consultant copyright, 2008 Debbi A. Ballard All rights reserved.

How to generate quality MLM leads is a hot topic among millions of network marketing reps. They are looking to create the best mlm leads to make money for their MLM businesses. Here’s what no one is telling you or them about mlm lead generation. It’s something that can destroy everything you’ve built if you’re not careful.

Network marketers are utilizing many strategies online to secure mlm leads to build their customer bases and their downlines. One of the most prominent is to utilize tactics that have been used for years offline and make adaptations for use online.

Say you’re selling nutritional products. You mlm company prohibits you from having a unique website dedicated to your specific line of products as you can only use the company approved site for your use. You decide that you’re going to build a site focusing on topics that could appeal to your target audience, those people who would most likely be interested in your type of nutritional products. The site or sites you build are thus more general in nature and NO mention of your specific products or opportunity is made on the sites.

However, you give great information relating to weight loss, having a healthy metabolism, or whatever. As you promote the site and people go there, you have an opt-in form that appears whereby you give them a special complimentary report they can receive automatically via autoresponder after they sign up to be on your newsletter list.

You build a relationship with them based on providing great information and then every so often you mention that you provide people with various products that you take and recommend to others. At that point, you can provide a link to the mlm company approved site that you have for your own use.

Please note that I am not telling you exactly what to do here. But whatever you do offline and online must be in compliance with your own MLM company’s policies and procedures and with all federal, state and local laws. (For example, you must make sure that your emails are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Many good autoresponder services help you to do just that.)

Of primary importance is that you cannot use this tactic and then fail to give them the information you said you would provide and just use their names as mlm leads to contact them to promote your mlm products and/or opportunity. This is unethical and you could face various legal challenges.

Some networkers are generating hundreds, and even thousands of mlm leads by building good subscriber lists focusing on topics that would appeal to their target audiences. Then part of those subscribers are converted to customers and/or as members of their downlines.

(Years ago I created “Informational Marketing Systems ™” that related to powerful information laden strategies and tactics that elicited confidence from prospective buyers and turned that confidence into quality leads resulting in sales.)

Here is where you have to be careful when you join any lists…

As this mlm lead generation tactic is used with a general topic associated with the nature of the product or service that is being marketed, it is also being used with topics relating to mlm, network marketing, internet marketing and the home-based business arenas.

So when you sign up for information relating to how to succeed online in building your business, you get on that person’s list. That person happens to be in mlm. If there is a tell-a-friend script whereby you fill that in as well with people in your downline, now that list builder has your name and can end up being able to use the names of your downline reps if they decide to join the list. If the latter joins the list and puts in the email addresses of members of their downlines, then you can see where I’m going with this.

Along with yourself, the data relating to many key members of your downline many levels deep could end up in your competitor’s hands on THEIR mlm leads list!

This is going on daily online with millions of independent networkers not even realizing it when they sign up for a list and refer others.

And you wonder why I am constantly writing and speaking about corporate executives emphasizing building relationships that create mlm loyalty and reps creating familial ties with their downline reps?

What, then, is the prudent action for you to take regarding the generation of mlm leads?

You have to be careful when you join a list. People must make their own decisions as to how they join a list and what emails they give in a tell-a-friend script. (Some people, for example, still complete the form but do not ever give the email addresses of reps in their downlines.) People must be careful when they join your list. You must decide how to design your own list building tactics to help stay within ethical and legal guidelines.

You will find on our Terms of Use how we use our lists to provide educational support tools and services to the industry.

From reading this post today, hopefully, I’ve helped you once again to safeguard and build your network marketing business through these insights on mlm leads.

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  1. Excellent stuff, Debbi (as always).

    I’ve posted a link on my blog.


  2. Glad you are getting the word out, John, about our MLM best practices blog. And, yes, the info I give in my recent post about mlm leads is so important for everyone in network marketing. Also, thank you, in general, John, for encouraging networkers to adhere to high ethical standards.


  3. Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.

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  5. Wonderful, what a blog it is! This bllog gives helpful data to us, keep it up.

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