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MLM Mobile Marketing Explosion

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An mlm mobile marketing explosion is coming. I know it and the video shows Google knows it. Look at what’s happening right now with mobile advertising. Research from various sources, including eMarketer, indicates that mobile advertising expenditures just in the U.S. will exceed $1.1 billion in 2011. Consumers are frequently checking their mobile devices daily. That fact presents an exceptional opportunity for you to promote your mlm products along with your mlm opportunity if you engage in mobile advertising.

What can you do to help ensure you have a successful mobile marketing campaign?

It is important that you first realize that what you do in terms of online ads does not translate entirely over to mobile ads. The creatives are different due to the size of the mobile device and other factors. If the creatives are developed properly targeting the right audience, the results can be outstanding. Dynamic Logic found that on the average, when examining various core branding metrics, the mobile campaigns greatly outperform online campaigns.

Paul Edwards at Dynamic Logic wrote that a study conducted by that firm using its MarketNorms data discovered that the top-performing ads put their firm’s logo or brand name on the left side of the ad. Having a strong call-to-action is also important in holding the person’s attention and getting him/her to take action. This is done using coupon incentives, providing an opportunity to enter a sweepstake or to opt in to receive a free sample, a free app or a free newsletter, ebook, etc.

The research found that women only slightly outperform males when it comes to brand awareness and persuasion. When you can get additional views with strong branding placed appropriately in your ad in front of that same target audience, more people can end up responding to your call-to-action.

Tap into the mlm mobile marketing explosion and reap the benefits. Just take the time to do it right using these and other related best practices and you can garner more customers and new networkers for your mlm network marketing program. At mlm consultants’ blog, I’ll be giving you a lot more information regarding strategies and tactics on mobile marketing, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let me hear your thoughts regarding the upcoming mlm mobile marketing explosion.

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