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Network Marketing Social Media Surges

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Network marketing social media surges forth online helping to increase the acquisition of new customers and new networkers. Validation as to why this is occurring is provided by the just released Pew Research Center study provided by

The study concludes that 65% of adults are using social networking sites and the good news is that most describe their experiences as positive. What is even more amazing is that this represents an increase of over 61% from a year ago. Pew reports that in 2005, only 5% of all adults said they had used them. (Make sure you view the social media video to get more important stats.)

Hence networkers and network marketing companies that are not utilizing social media are making a big mistake.

When your competitors are online effectively using network marketing social media tactics and you aren’t, how’s that going to impact your bottom line?

Who are the considered the power users?

Pew indicates that women ages 18-29 make up the group they call the “power users.” 89% of those who are online make use of social networking sites. On an average day 69% of them use those sites.

Gender Differences Cited

There are gender differences explained in the study showing how 7 in ten women use social networking sites versus six in ten men. In addition women are more active users with 48% using those sites on a typical day versus 38% of men doing so.

Older Americans Use of Social Media Climbs

Older Americans are increasingly using social networking. Ages 65 and older has seen a 150% surge from 13% using it in April of 2009 to 33% in May of 2011. Users aged 50-64 had a social media surge of 100% growing from 25% to 51% of people in that group using social networking sites.

Significant Positive Response by Social Media Users

80% of social media users responded positively when they were asked to give one word to describe their experiences. This sheds some light as to why the use of social networking sites is increasing.

Networkers and network marketing companies are online tapping into the power of social media. Network marketing social media strategies and tactics vary according to which site is being utilized. Once one understands the terms of use for each site, there are many effective tactics that can be implemented to increase customer sales, increase recruiting, facilitate retention of networkers, increase brand recognition and brand loyalty, manage the firm’s reputation and many other exciting benefits.

As a network marketing consultant, my firm alerts our clients and subscribers as to the various proven social media strategies and tactics that make for effective social media campaigns. In addition we call particular attention to the ethical and legal issues along with the company’s own particular policies and procedures that must be followed. Staying abreast of changes regarding these and any changes in the terms of use of the social media sites obviously is of importance as well.

Pew should be commended for its social media research and making this valuable report available to the public. There are many other important results you can garner when you download the report.

Get the complete study today and use the data to help your network marketing social media surge.

Hope you enjoyed this post and video and please feel free to share your thoughts on social media in your comments below.


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