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Networkers Can Learn from the Potato Peeler

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Networkers can learn from the Potato Peeler, Joe Ades, a famous entrepreneur who sold potato peelers on a Park Avenue street corner. He became a millionaire from selling those potato peelers for only $5.00. View the video and see how he can inspire you. You’ll love it!

With the downturn in the economy and everyone watching their dollars more carefully these days, this story is particularly relevant now.

Never underestimate a small amount of money.

That was his mantra and that helped make him rich.

For some networkers the big money is in marketing the big ticket items. They sometimes neglect the power of “a small amount of money.” Never is that power more evident than in a multilevel marketing environment.

Today there are companies online selling $4.95 monthly subscriptions for a variety of information based products/services. For the ones who market to their target audiences properly, they are seeing the monies pour into their coffers.

The power of the low fee tied to a 7-day or 14-day free trial period is an irresistible combination that can have very high conversion rates. In addition the small amount of money required by the buyer to keep the subscription active helps the company to experience a much higher retention rate.

You take all those attributes of the power of a small amount of money and tie them to the income leveraging available via a network marketing compensation plan payout, then the sky’s the limit!

The Potato Peeler may never have marketed his peeler via network marketing, but networkers can learn a lot from his passion, his demonstrations, and his realization of the “power of a small amount of money.”

Simply put you don’t need a high ticket item to build a successful business. The volume from lower priced products/services can still create tremendous revenues and profits. They can also be used as door openers to sell higher ticket items to the same customer base later on.

Also read a previous post I wrote on the non-duplicative ingredient in successful mlm sales presentations. The Potato Peeler injected his unique personality into his demonstrations and you should as well.

God rest his soul and make sure you forward this to your fellow networkers and other contacts so that he can keep inspiring others. Yes networkers can learn from the Potato Peeler.

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