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Philip Kotler Talks About Top Marketing Trends

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When Dr. Philip Kotler talks, marketers listen. One of the most revered marketing experts in the world, he is also a high profile educator, author and speaker. In this video, he talks about top marketing trends applicable today.

For the thousands who follow mlm consultants’ blog and our mlm newsletter, MyNetBrief, you know that I have updated you on these trends previously. However, I enjoy sharing thoughts from others to reinforce the importance of these trends in growing your business.

Emphasis on More Marketing Metrics

Paying close attention to an array of marketing metrics is critical to your marketing success. Without them in this super charged competitive business environment, you will be at a loss to know the effectiveness of various strategies and tactics.

His advice applies to both corporate marketing managers of mlm companies and their networkers who engage in corporate approved marketing activities. It doesn’t matter whether it is attending trade shows, tapping into the power of social media, content marketing, email marketing, or the time spent engaged in face-to-face marketing. Track and analyze your marketing metrics to see which marketing channels, strategies, and tactics are most fruitful. Then take action making improvements based on what you’ve discovered.

(Pirate Metrics is used by many marketing savvy companies and can be adapted for use by network marketers and their respective network marketing companies.)

Using Customer Insights Instead of Just Demographics

This is something Facebook tracks and that is why its ad platform has garnered so much attention and popularity. In general marketing terms, customer insights can include how your targeted audience perceives the value of your product/service, interests they have, affinity groups to which they belong, activities they enjoy, jobs they hold, the nature of their purchasing activity, their engagement levels along with other valuable insights.

Customer insights are so important today in targeting and maintaining customers that companies are now actually hiring Customer Insights Managers.

Using Your Main Product to Spin Off Other Products

Dr. Kotler discusses how companies are now looking more seriously at ways to “think outside the box” when it comes to developing other products. He talks about cereals, for example. Instead of just focusing on selling a certain brand of cereal, now many firms have taken their cereals and put them into healthy bars instead of just developing another type of cereal. He refers to this as vertical marketing.

If you own or manage an mlm company, are you taking advantage of vertical marketing? If you are a networker and have often wondered why your company has not worked on a spin off product that you feel your customers would love, why not share that input with your company?

Low Cost Research and Advertising Now Available Online

Never before has there been so many free and low cost tools to conduct surveys and secure customer feedback. Survey Monkey is an example of a popular free tool you can use. There are many others.

Dr. Kotler also mentions free or low cost buzz marketing that is available via social media. Online ad networks can facilitate lower ad cost when compared with traditional media. He emphasizes how advantageous these trends are especially to small businesses that can move quicker than large enterprises.

So when Philip Kotler talks about top marketing trends, pay attention and tap into the power of these trends. Doing so can help your network marketing company grow faster and experience greater profits.

More information about Dr. Philip Kotler can be found here.

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