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Remarketing Tips for 2012 from Affiliate Summit West

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I garnered some valuable remarketing tips for 2012 from Affiliate Summit West this month. I’m going to share a few of those with you in this post. This is a must-read, believe me. Make sure you view the brief video as well.

Remarketing (also known as “retargeting“), has been around for quite awhile now. However, according to Joanna Lord from, who gave the excellent presentation on this topic, remarketing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Remarketing occurs when someone visits your site and they are tagged with a cookie. After they leave, your display ads show up as they travel online from site to site. Hence now you have recaptured lost conversion opportunities.

According to Ms. Lord, most sites experience a 90% bounce rate whereby they quickly leave your site after viewing just the landing page. Unless they are already in your database, you may never see them again. With remarketing, since they see your display ads over and over again, you are 70% more likely to convert those visitors when they return to your site or some other special promotional page. She also said that those visitors spend, on average, 50% more when they do buy.

These are stats that no one in the mlm industry can afford to ignore. It does not matter whether you are a networker, or you own or manage a network marketing company.

What’s the bottom line as to why marketers are using “remarketing?” They are astute enough in realizing the value of going after the 90% who “bounced” from their sites.

If visitors are traveling from site to site looking to purchase and after they leave your site, they continue seeing your brand on your display ads, but they don’t see those of your competitors, your brand is reinforced in their minds. You then have the best opportunity to drive them back to your site making for the best opportunity to recapture those previously lost sales.

Ms. Lord recommended that you get creative with your ads when utilizing remarketing. She said that and Tiffany’s used a lot of remarketing ads very effectively.

You must make sure everything is tracking correctly and that you are testing different ads to see which are getting the best results. Her firm and others offer remarketing services. Google also offers do-it-yourself remarketing campaigns you can use. These are somewhat similar to what you do when you set up Google AdWord PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.

In addition she suggested that the first 30 days of a campaign viewed by a visitor, you focus on mainly just promoting your brand name/colors/logo. The next thirty days, focus on testing different story ads, text ads with your benefits, etc. and then the last thirty days, focus on using more directly aggressive conversion ads giving them free trial offers, free samples, etc.

Once again Affiliate Summit West did not disappoint. This session was just one of the many great offerings provided by the Summit that could have a huge impact on your mlm business. Congrats to Shawn Collins and Missy Ward and their team!

And congratulations to Joanna Lord for a clear, concise and well organized presentation that can help marketers make for more profitable ad spends. Hope you, dear readers, enjoyed these remarketing tips for 2012 from Affiliate Summit West as reported on by your mlm best practices’ chief blogger, yours truly!

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