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Richard Branson Speaks to Networkers

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Richard Branson speaks to networkers and other business people and when he speaks, people pay attention. Like most individuals, I don’t agree with everything he says. He often, however, makes a special connection with networkers and entrepreneurs. This occurs when he speaks about his corporate philosophy and the way he runs his company.

View the very short video interview and you’ll see why and how his words relate to you in operating your network marketing business.

You might find it interesting in light of the past presidential campaign that Branson, in the video, describes a company as “simply a group of people.” When presidential candidate Mitt Romney said essentially the same thing, he was heckled by some in the audience and various members of the media commented on the statement in a disparaging way.

Maybe I missed something, but I don’t remember anyone in the media castigating Branson for saying the same thing.

What matters is that people realize that a company is just that…a group of people working together to achieve various goals and objectives. There are both personal and corporate goals and objectives involved. As I wrote about previously, there are intrinsic and extrinsic motivators present as well.

Richard Branson states that great leaders are great listeners and great motivators. He says, “When you praise people, they flourish.”

Ever hear that before as an essential ingredient in being a network marketing leader? You bet.

So you need to take an audit of how often you are connecting with your downline. Are you asking them in what areas you can provide some special assistance in helping them grow their businesses? Are you tracking their progress? Are you congratulating them on their various achievements?

And listen. Don’t pay attention to those who proclaim that networkers shouldn’t question or complain about things pertaining to their programs. There is a big difference between someone who lives a life filled with negativity and someone who voices legitimate concerns. Strong network marketing leaders and corporate managers want to get honest feedback so they can continually improve their programs.

Branson is a fan of that big time.

He’s also a fan of allowing people the “freedom to make mistakes.” Without that freedom there is little to no real innovation since people are fearful of losing their positions (or standing among other networkers) should something be perceived as a “mistake.”

Also pay close attention in the video to the huge threat that he faced that could have closed down Virgin in a matter of days. When you discover how he saved his company, you might be amazed.

This is a classic example of how you must always set aside your ego and have the guts to ask for help when help is needed. It also exemplifies how creativity can be a lifesaver in solving problems.

But when you listen to Richard Branson or any other high profile person, remember what I’ve always said…

Don’t ever be mesmerized into accepting what someone says just because they have a high profile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a business person or a politician.

Listen with a healthy skepticism and heed what makes sense to you after careful deliberation. Then take any appropriate action.

Hope you enjoyed my take on Richard Branson and how his advice relates to you in your network marketing business. Richard Branson Speaks to Networkers is just another helpful post from the top mlm consulting firm in the world for network marketing firms focusing on best practices. Comment below on these and other insights he has shared elsewhere that you found useful.

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