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Spread the Word by Being Remarkable

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Seth Godin is famous for his best selling books and TED talks. He often speaks about the need for companies today to be remarkable, i.e. having something consumers view as worth spreading the word. View the video to hear his thoughts.

In an era where people are filled with too many choices, too many decisions, too little time…being remarkable is the only chance a company has to garner attention. He explains that the riskiest thing a firm can do is to just play it safe and not take risks.

In examining a network marketing company, you have to ask…

What is so remarkable about the product/service offering?

What is so remarkable about the overall opportunity and the accompanying network marketing compensation plan?

What is so remarkable about the vision, the management team?

What is so remarkable about the customer service?

What is so remarkable about the networker support services and tools?

What is so remarkable about the communication systems put in place?

What is so remarkable about the personal touch factors implemented that show customers and networkers how much they are valued?

What is so remarkable about the legal protections put in place for both the company and its networkers?

What is so remarkable about the operations and all control systems to ensure everything runs smoothly… orders being processed accurately and efficiently, networkers’ payouts being correct and going out on time, etc.?

What is so remarkable about the programs to facilitate customer and networker retention?

What is so remarkable about how the company gives back to various charities, communities, and other outreach programs?

What is so remarkable about the company’s ongoing product research and development?

And so on.

What Seth Godin does not address here in this video is the issue of sustainability. He probably addresses this in one of his other videos or books. As a network marketing consultant to companies in our industry, I have always championed innovation but have also always cautioned clients. Taking a big risk and doing something innovative can garner a lot of attention and initiate sales with the word-of-mouth offline and online that ensues, but sustainability is an entirely different issue.

Continuing to be seen as remarkable and valuable in everything a firm does is the real challenge and key to long-term success. So yes, spread the word by being remarkable as Seth suggests, but whatever you do, know that what seems remarkable at the moment might no longer be viewed as such at some point in time. So plan how you’re going to audit how you’re viewed and what you need to do to keep being remarkable so you have real sustainable success.

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