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Will Smith Would Love Networkers

copyright, 2012, Debbi A. Ballard All rights reserved worldwide.

Will Smith would love networkers. The philosophy this famous actor shares in this video and others resembles the philosophy of millions of networkers around the globe in the mlm industry. Hear from him in this video about how that philosophy catapulted him to an amazingly successful career.

How Some MLM Companies Undermine the Loyalty of Their Networkers

copyright, 2009, Debbi A. Ballard All rights reserved worldwide.

Discover how some MLM companies undermine the loyalty of their networkers. When this happens, the impact can be formidable. Sales and recruiting are negatively affected. Does your network marketing company value loyalty to its networkers or does Johnny the Bagger in the video really care more about it?

MLM Leads - What No One is Telling You Except Debbi

MLM Leads – What No One is Telling You Except Debbi

MLM leads is a hot topic among network marketers looking to make money in their mlm businesses. Find out what no one is telling you about mlm leads, something so critical it can destroy your mlm business.

MLM Loyalty Marketing Tips

MLM Loyalty Marketing Tips

by Debbi A. Ballard, MLM Consultant, copyright, 2008, Debbi A. Ballard
MLM loyalty marketing can help you succeed in today’s competitive environment. These days both customers and MLM networkers can be extremely fickle. Hence, the loyalty factor plays a key role in the success of any MLM company .
Securing customers [...]