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Use Press Releases to Ignite Your MLM Business

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You can use press releases to ignite your mlm business. Smart networkers know the value in doing this. The search engines can pick up the press release with your keywords and give you exposure that generates traffic to your mlm blog. If you have an opt-in form on your blog that captures the names and email addresses of visitors, then the press releases can function to generate targeted leads.

In addition if any of the publishers reprint your press release on their sites, you can gain valuable backlinks that provide more credibility and traffic to your mlm blog.

What are some of the critical components of a sound press release?

Are you launching an mlm blog relating to the mlm product or service you are marketing? (Remember that this must be done without violating any company policies and procedures.) If so the launch of your blog can be considered a newsworthy event especially if it is unique in some way. Do you already have an mlm blog but you are going to be introducing some new feature to that blog? Have you uncovered some research that your readers will enjoy? You get the picture. Look at your 2011 marketing calendar to see what important upcoming events could be announced. To ignite your mlm business, use press releases that have some kind of a newsworthy angle. Ask yourself, “If I read this news in a press release, would I be anxious to learn more about it?”

In the video, you’ll hear how Dr. Phil was woven into the release to attract additional attention. I myself would not have used that quote like the presenter did but the tactic could have been used with a different quote. Let me know what you think by adding your comment below.

In the opening of the press release, focus on providing a question or a statement that garners immediate attention. Everyone is so busy these days, including journalists, that you must get their attention immediately in the opening sentence. Then prioritize the details giving the most important benefit laden ones to the reader first. If a journalist does not think his/her readers would be interested, the journalist will not do a follow up story with you or even reprint the release. Hence although there are many excellent online press release distribution services like PR Web where you can distribute a press release and get wide distribution, anytime you can tailor the press release to a particular type of publication, the better coverage and follow up interest you will receive.

That is one of the most overlooked aspects of using press releases for your mlm business by networkers and mlm companies alike. If you start segmenting your releases more, your ability to ignite your mlm business will increase.

You also want the search engines like Google and Bing and the others to be able to index that press release and identify your keywords and keyword phrases. Hence if you have a generic health related blog that focuses on a couple of health related issues relating to your mlm products (without referring to the trademarks, tradenames of those products), then it’s important to use those keywords and phrases properly in your press release. Be careful not to “stuff” your press release with them. Using around 3% of the total number of words is appropriate. When you optimize your press releases properly, it can help you in the search engine results when someone is looking for your keywords. Go to the distribution services like PR Web and you can look at their “tips” section for information relating to the use of anchor text links, etc. in using search engine optimization relating to the use of your keywords.

Also make sure you provide complete contact information for those considering publishing your press release. This information, along with the rest of the text of your press release, should be provided within an acceptable format. Again, if you use an online distribution service, check with the format examples they provide. If your distribution is successful and hundreds or thousands of publishers decide to reprint your press release, think of what it can do. Yes you can use press releases to ignite your mlm business. You’ve just found out how on your mlm blog on best practices.

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  1. I will have to start using Press Releases. It is one aspect of my business I have yet to implement. Thank You

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