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MLM Consultants’ Blog:  MLM Best Practices You Can Use to Grow Your Business

To blog or not to blog.  That was the question.

OK.  I’ve decided to test the waters

even though I am already too busy.

I know one thing.

This will be a blog unlike anyone has ever seen.


Because that’s the way I do things.

That’s the way I like it.

Help people.  Keep it honest.

Don’t be boring.  Keep it edgy.

Be different.  Be memorable.

Make a difference.

Following this blog,

you will never look at MLM the same again.

That I know.

At times, you’ll be happy.

At times, you’ll be perplexed.

At times, you might even get upset.

But regardless how you feel,

you’ll find yourself

getting pulled in deeper and deeper.


Because you want answers.

We all want answers.

This will be a "first"

for the industry,

a unique collaboration

on MLM best practices

involving MLM consultants and

other industry participants

(like yourself).

Together, providing answers,

we can strengthen our MLM community.


make for a more secure future.

This will be the fuel that will

grow your MLM business.


network marketing

direct selling

affiliate marketing

these are the related worlds

we will explore.

These are the worlds

we hope to help you conquer

with MLM best practices

you cannot afford to ignore.

Let the journey begin!

Debbi A. Ballard

Chief Executive Blogger

MLM Consultant and CEO

International Network Liaison Corporation

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