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Please make sure you’ve read the Terms of Use for this mlm blog and for any of our newsletters. No professional advice of any sort is given on this blog or on any of our other blogs or websites. Articles and posts are provided for informational purposes only. Any mention of profits that might be made relating to any endeavor are relative to the time, effort, knowledge, skill and monies expended. There are no guarantees of any income relative to any type of business opportunity that might be mentioned. All business endeavors offline and online involve some level of risk. Readers should never assume that specific business strategies and tactics that work for one person will work the same for them. To avoid any possible conflict of interest with its clients, neither INLC nor its employees actively participate in mainstream network marketing companies as independent networkers. However, for decades they have been involved in educating the industry and, as such, do participate as affiliates for certain support products or services and these may be promoted on INLC blogs/websites. Viewers agree and understand that any trademarks owned by other firms should never be construed as an endorsement of any other firm, individual, advertiser, or product mentioned on any of our blogs/websites.

INLC strongly advocates that you do not make impulsive purchases and overload yourself with mlm information that simply overwhelms you. Hence, we encourage viewers to get some good information online to help you learn how to choose a high quality mlm business opportunity. Then, after you’ve made your choice and you’ve started working with your sponsor, write a brief business plan that can help guide you to success. As you’re writing this, you will find that you will start searching online for additional information to help you with various strategies and tactics. You’ll be able to find free information and also some excellent mlm resources for which you will gladly invest in to complete your plan and advance your business. (Who knows, you might even be tempted to invest in some of our superb tools, training webinars, etc. hahaha!)

Here’s the bottom line…even if you don’t ever spend a dime with us, INLC and Debbi A. Ballard sincerely wish you great success in your exciting network marketing home-based business journey! And, during that journey, don’t forget to stay abreast of the MLM best practices you find on our mlm blog and put them into use.

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