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MLM Power: Research Shows Word-of-Mouth More Credible Offline than Online

by Debbi A. Ballard, MLM Consultant, copyright, 2009, Debbi A. Ballard All Rights Reserved.

In this age of emails, instant messaging and social media, the power of MLM still resonates as it combines technology with personal offline word-of-mouth marketing. Now comes another insightful research report showing how offline word-of-mouth conversations are far more pervasive and more credible than those online. This enhanced credibility, the report states, leads to a stronger purchase intent than online conversations.

For those of you who also read my newsletter, MyNetBrief(tm), and follow me on twitter, you’ve seen the other many research reports I’ve mentioned that validate the power and influence of WOM offline. You should be collecting all of these and sharing the information with your downline. Those considering joining your mlm business should also be given this vital information as the data can facilitate recruiting. reported on this recent study done by the Keller Fay Group and media agency OMD. To illustrate the power and reach of offline conversations, consider that the study shows that…

In the U.S., 3.5 billion conversations occur daily. 75% of them take place face-to-face and 17% via phone for a total of 92%.

Only 7% take place in the form of text messaging, instant messaging, chat rooms and blogs. So much for all the hyperbole about the “new media.”

As I have stated over and over, the combination of hi-tech and hi-touch in your mlm business endeavors will always trump solely relying on the former. When I spoke in New York recently at Affiliate Summit East, I reiterated this as one of the advantages that mlm network marketing had over affiliate marketing in building and maintaining customer relationships. Obviously, astute affiliate marketers can expand their businesses if they start to incorporate hi-touch activities into their marketing efforts.

So, remember, when it comes to the power of MLM, nothing has changed over the years in terms of the need to “get personal” in understanding your customers. You can’t just rely on text messaging, emailing, tweeting, blogging, or chatting online. MLM Power means using effective word-of-mouth offline, not just online. The research referred to here on the mlm blog for best practices proves it. Pardon me now. I’ve got to make a phone call.

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  1. Hi Debbi :D

    Another spot-on-the-money post… you constantly amaze me with your ability to gather really useful, objective information that’s refreshingly free of noise.

    I’ll link to this post from my REALnetworkmarketing blog and Tweet it.


  2. Your kind words are greatly appreciated, John. I’m glad to be able to help people out through my mlm blog here on mlm best practices. God bless and continued success to you! Debbi

  3. Valuable insight. As one who (due to a hearing problem) has been more-or-less forced to the on-line and asynchronous mode of communications, can vouch for the difficulty and unreliability of on-line relationship building.

    I guess the on-line mode serves as a reasonable advertising or even marketing means – but when it comes to building the relationship (which sales can be based on) it seems people really prefer a more personal interaction first.

    One wonders just how effective, unsupported web sites are for making sales? How many of the sales which take place through websites are the result of personal recommendations?


  4. Fabulous!

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