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How to Add Clickable Links to Your YouTube Videos

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In this post and video, you’ll learn how to add clickable links to your YouTube videos. Paul Nicholls does an excellent job in showing you step-by-step what you need to do. Networkers and affiliates can increase sales by adding clickable links to their videos.

Make sure to watch the entire video. It is brief and easy to follow. Below you will find an overview of the steps to take.

1) Go to your YouTube account.

2) Go to Settings and then Features. Make sure your account is verified and
that it is in good standing. If not, then do so.

3) Ensure that your website has been verified. You must own the site. If you have not had your site verified, then you can do so simply by going to Google’s Webmaster Tools and list your website url and then name your domain provider. There are also alternative verification methods you can use. (Make sure your gmail account is linked to your website while in Google Webmaster.)

4) Then you just go back to your YouTube account and list your website url as the Associated Website under the Advanced Channel Settings. (Later on you can always add other websites you own.)

5) After everything has been verified, YouTube should show that your Associated Website is tied to your YouTube account. This will be illustrated with a green button and “Success” designated.

6) Then go to Video Manager in the upper right hand corner of your YouTube account and you can select one of your videos. Then click the arrow near the Edit button and click Annotations. Click the Enable button to accept the Terms and Conditions. Now you click the Add Annotation button and you can select from different types of annotations from a list that appears. Then scroll to the bottom and check the link box and enter the name of your Associated Website. Make sure you select Save and/or Publish when you are finished.

7) Now do a preview of your video with your clickable link to make sure everything is working properly.

Congrats! You have just added a clickable link to your YouTube video and you’re on your way to securing more customers and greater sales!

(For advanced tips on annotation options relating to position, color, size, and duration, go here.)

Debbi A. Ballard introduced the world’s first comprehensive marketing and management consulting services for start-ups and established multinational firms in the mlm network marketing industry. A consultant, speaker, author and expert witness, she is considered a trusted authority and visionary in that industry. She is also recognized for her innovation and leadership relating to the convergence issues that impact mlm and affiliate marketing.

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