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How to Get Lower Cost Mobile Ads on AdMob

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Discover how to get lower lower cost mobile ads on AdMob for your mlm related mobile advertising campaign. Google owns AdMob and it is a fast growing mobile ad platform. My last post on mlm mobile marketing addressed the bright future held for mobile marketing and how marketers must tailor their advertising creatives to use this platform effectively.

First of all make sure you read this article and view the video for great tips on setting up your AdMob campaign. If you have ever used Google’s Adwords, you will see the similarities in how the campaigns are organized.

Before setting up your AdMob campaign, read the current guidelines that must be followed as set forth by Google. Marketers are understandably frustrated today since there are changes in policies that are made and it can be difficult to keep up with the various elements that impact whether or not your ad will receive approval. Have patience and either contact Google directly with questions or go into the forums for advice, particularly if you are considering trying to drive traffic to any mlm or affiliate marketing related landing page. Ads themselves are not just considered in the approval process but also the category and the quality of the landing pages.

In this video, you will see that targeting more specific geographic locations can impact your cost per click. The video gives an example of what happens when instead of checking off North America and Western Europe, for example, if you check off United States, your cost per click can be lowered substantially. A specific example is given of how he went from paying $.25 per click to only $.05 per click.

Of course with any ad campaign, testing various ads and tracking the results to see which ones give you the best ROI is the only way to maximize your success. That’s a discussion for another mlm blog post from mlm consultants’ blog so stay tuned. (Make sure you are getting our RSS feed so that you’re not missing any posts. The feed icon is in the upper right hand corner.)

Today you’ve received another tactic to help you create new customers and reach prospective reps. How to get lower cost mobile ads on AdMob includes information you need to consider if you wish to have cost effective advertising related to your mlm network marketing offerings on that popular mobile marketing ad platform.

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  1. Ad mob is awesome! I would suggest everyone in our space check it out!

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