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MLM Consultant Debbi A. Ballard

MLM consultant Debbi A. Ballard has impressive credentials that illustrate her work for over twenty years in the MLM network marketing industry. Thousands around the world are familiar with them already from reading her articles, books, newsletter, and hearing her speak at industry conferences.

But now you can get “up close and personal” with Debbi

by reading the “really important” info she shares with you below.

From a luxurious penthouse suite in New York doing MLM consulting for a former NFL Super Bowl player planning to start an MLM company to MLM companies in Los Angeles, Dallas, and throughout the United States along with work abroad…

it has been a privilege and an honor for me to have served the MLM industry for over twenty years primarily as an MLM consultant , but also as an author, speaker, trainer, expert witness and a volunteer. I greatly appreciate the many wonderful clients I have enjoyed along with the many other speakers, trainers, networkers, consultants and vendors with whom I have interacted.

No, I am not going to abruptly stop right now but I have decided to only have a select few clients and concentrate more on sharing much of the information I have gathered over the years to the industry as a whole. In doing so, I also wish to be able to make a substantive contribution in the collaborative effort to establish, for the first time in our industry, “MLM Best Practices ” through the MLM Consultants’ Blog .

Please note that I don’t ever pretend to know everything about the direct selling industry or even everything about a particular related segment or topic. People who have followed my articles for years know that I have far too much respect for the many unique complexities of MLM network marketing to ever make such a claim.

And Now…

What You Never Knew About Debbi A. Ballard

My Top Priority

each day trying to lead a good, honest life by doing God’s will
(even though, with my human frailties, I falter sometimes)

Next Priorities

being a good wife, mother, friend, citizen and business associate

My “Not a Priority” List

being “politically correct”…this I could care less about.
I care about people and treating them with respect
along with doing the right thing…
not thinking or acting according to what’s “in vogue.”

Favorite Pastimes

Doing anything with family and friends makes me happy.
Doing anything to help other people makes me happy.

Learning is a joy to me. Applying that learning and assisting others to do the same gives me even greater joy. (That’s why educating, training and providing consulting have always been such an inherent part of me.)

Music and Art
Yes, we all play instruments. I play piano and clarinet. My husband and son both play drums and other instruments. My father was a well-known band and orchestra conductor. I was raised listening to great music like opera, jazz, etc.

I have a sincere appreciation for the creative arts overall. Taking art history classes in college introduced me to wonderful artists like Degas, Monet, Renoir and when I travel, I always enjoy going to the local art museums.

Politics and History
Having an undergraduate degree in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations (Master’s in Education) is just an illustration of the love I have always had for politics. Becoming a news and research junkie was just inevitable for me, I guess. These things I enjoy for how they can facilitate my contributions in making for a better world including creating stronger, more enduring businesses.

Revisiting historical events also is a part of that since there is so much to learn from the past. Looking to the future within the context of the past helps to avoid many problems and paves the way for innovation.

Believe it or not, I have been fishing since my Dad first took me out when I was a little girl. My husband and son love to fish as well.

My Thanks

Thanks to Dad for the talks at the family meals each day…always discussing the news of the day, political events, history, music, education, nature and the environment, his love for our country…these discussions had a profound impact on me and, I’m sure, made me a much more well rounded person than I otherwise would have been.

Thanks to Mom for the loving care of her children, for her constant reminders about the importance of living a good and decent life, and for about a thousand other things.

What This Means to My Business and Yours

Thanks to both for making me always know that who you are as a person is always more important than what you do in your business. Yet the two can never be separated

because the very core, the “soul” of your business will always be a reflection of who YOU really are as a human being.

The varied interests and values I have always embraced assisted me in looking at business problems and solutions from many angles. Those interests spurred my creativity and the values helped me to make decisions and recommendations within a framework of integrity .

This was done while still maintaining a sensible grounding tied to the need for research, analyses, planning, functionality, testing and measurement for optimal results. The integration of values, creativity and paying attention to the real world details and processes required to achieve certain goals has aided me tremendously over the years and it can do the same for your MLM business .

Enjoy your journey with our blog!


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