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Word of Mouth Research for Your MLM

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As you know at mlm consultants’ blog, we provide word of mouth research for your mlm. Each week we scour thousands of research reports to give you news relevant to growing your mlm business. Here’s yet another video and powerful word of mouth report you can use now to increase profits.

In our complimentary newsletter, MyNetBrief, thousands of subscribers have received our reports that have helped them to tap into actionable research and analyses that gives firms and their networkers competitive advantages. We particularly love sharing related news and research based on word of mouth marketing since the mlm network marketing industry was the real pioneer in successfully globalizing that strategy.

Now the face to face word of mouth marketing merges with online word of mouth in a way that creates powerful synergies between the two. No one leverages that power better than mlm network marketing.

As I have stated before on this mlm blog, often mlm companies and networkers fail to share this valuable word of mouth research. This ommission overlooks something very powerful…in essence, a free reference to share with prospective networkers that proves the power of network marketing as manifested in so many word of mouth research reports.

When Yahoo! partnered up with Keller Fay to do a word of mouth (WOM) research study, the results were compelling.

They found that when it comes to triggering online WOM, online internet ads and corporate sites drove the most WOM. The Internet is indeed growing in influence as a driver of word of mouth brand conversations.

However as previously reported here on our mlm blog, approximately 75% of WOM takes place face to face.

Hence to maximize your mlm profits, look at integrating WOM online with your network marketing WOM offline efforts.

As the research suggest, you will want to make sure your company’s corporate website is designed in a way that spurs word of mouth conversations. There are many triggers that can do that such as news reports about your firm, new product announcements, nonprofit charitable events in which your firm is sponsoring, etc.

If you are a networker who drives traffic to your replicatable website, you can also trigger WOM conversations that will get visitors to that site or any other site you have. Make sure you follow the policies and procedures set forth by your network marketing company when doing so.

Optimizing your site to rank high in the search engines (SEO), will give you free traffic so that is important as well. If you are in the anti-aging niche for example, when someone is searching for the “best anti-aging products” in Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engine, on what page does your site show up?

Combining effective search engine optimization strategies with display advertising has been shown to drive WOM signifcantly. In addition always remember to look to where your target audience is already talking about your subject and who the top people are who can influence the conversation.

Word of mouth research for your mlm is always important. Capitalize on it now so that you are driving the conversations for your brand to help increase profits.

(Here is the research source.)

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