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MLM Referrals Made Easy

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Today you can view a video that will help explain MLM referrals made easy. Understand first that every business is a “people” business. This is particularly true in the mlm network marketing business. Interacting with people both offline and online helps to nurture relationships with customers and downline sales reps.

Since our industry has always been the leader in word-of-mouth marketing, most networkers always utilize the more personalized (and typically the most effective) face-to-face interactions, and don’t just rely on word-of-mouth via online social media interactions, online marketing using personal blogs, making comments, participating in forums and chat rooms, etc. That is why the sales results of networkers in our industry can be so much more fruitful.

A customer can get so passionate about the product he/she is using that that customer also ends up becoming a rep. Thus in our industry the potential lifetime revenue value of that customer has now increased dramatically.

But what happens when a customer doesn’t wish to also become a rep whereby he/she can actually get paid for his word-of-mouth marketing efforts? Do you, the networker, still follow up and ask that customer for referrals for prospective customers, for prospective reps?

If not, you’re stunting the growth of your independent rep business and preventing your income from growing as fast as it otherwise could. It doesn’t matter what or how you are paid according to your mlm compensation plan, you’re not going to maximize your income potential. You’re missing out on far too many valuable mlm leads.

Timeliness is important. Remember that when your customer first uses the product or service and receives his/her results, if that person is thrilled with the results then as soon as possible secure the referrals. That is the time he/she will most likely accommodate your request.

Always ask with confidence. First reiterate the praise the customer gave you about the product, your customer service after the sale, etc. And then you could say, “You know, Katy, I bet you have some friends and relatives who would love for you to tell them about how they can save on their monthly phone bills just like you do? I can help do that for you if you would allow me to. I’m sure you agree that they would appreciate it and I would as well. Who are three or four people who come to mind?” Then get the names and contact information. Make sure the person giving the referrals explicitly gives you permission to use his/her name.

It’s always good to check the Do-Not-Call list for prospects who could be sensitive about you calling, even if you are calling on behalf of a friend of theirs. If they are on the list, the person making the referral could call first to introduce you and then relay to you afterwards if that friend wishes to speak with you. That way you should not have a problem when you do call. Also don’t forget that postcards and other direct mailing pieces can be sent as well to those who were referred.

Afterwards make sure you follow up and write a personal thank-you note to the person who gave you the referrals. Include a small gift if you wish. If you give an ongoing gift of some sort for continued referrals, mention that as well in your thank-you note.

View the video on referrals for other important tips, one especially, that is very creative, very effective and used by a top salesperson selling a service. Believe me, you’ll be so surprised at what she does to get a stream of unending referrals! Hope you enjoyed another tip from the industry blog on mlm best practices.

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