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Will Smith Would Love Networkers

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Will Smith would love networkers. The philosophy this famous actor shares in this video and others resembles the philosophy of millions of networkers around the globe in the mlm industry. Hear from him in this video about how that philosophy catapulted him to an amazingly successful career. As a networker you will particularly relate to it.

One of the most memorable quotes that networkers will appreciate is…

“I want to represent possibilities.”

If you truly believe in yourself, your products and your opportunity, as a networker you will embrace the same philosophy. The quote involves representing the possibilities for yourself as a spouse, a mother or a father, the awesome possibilities before you as a networker, as a leader, as a person of influence, etc.

You represent possibilities…also, what a great way to look at your network marketing opportunity when offering it to others! Think about it.

Will Smith has, in addition, spoken about the importance of not missing crucial opportunities. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Can you relate this to your network marketing opportunity? You bet.

Now you know me, like most people, I never agree with everything someone says or believes in and the same holds true with Will Smith. At the end of the video, you’ll hear Will talk about being willing to die for what you believe you can achieve. While, yes, there are things I am willing to die for, like saving the lives of other people, my faith, etc., I realize that we live in a world where our lives impact other people. As such, dying to achieve various business goals would not be appreciated by my son or husband. So there will always be times that doing something at a given moment to achieve those business goals may not always be possible given the context of my priorities as an individual. This is particularly true when it comes to meeting the needs of my family and friends whom I dearly love.

I’ve addressed numerous mlm strategies and tactics in my mlm consultants’ blog to help you move forward in your businesses. This video of Will Smith providing his success principles shows that the essence of those principles are embraced by millions of networkers who want to control their own destinies.

That is why Will Smith would love networkers. And that is why I love networkers.

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  1. I love this video of Will. I watched this one about 20 times. I actually memorized most of his wisdom from this clip.
    I agree, he would be a bad ass network marketer. Perhaps I should pitch him on Twitter ??? :)

    Thanks for the share!


  2. Akos, glad you enjoyed the video! Yes, do you think it could be profitable having Will Smith as a networker in your downline? You bet. That is one of the biggest mistakes I see many networkers make…assuming that celebrities and other wealthy people would not be interested in becoming networkers and failing to make any effort to contact them. Get back to me after you’ve signed up Will! Best wishes, Debbi

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