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MLM Market Segmentation You Can Use in 2012

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Some networkers and mlm companies fail to properly use mlm market segmentation as part of their respective marketing strategies. They look at more broad based target audiences like people interested in having a home-based business and/or people wanting to use nutritional supplements to help improve their health.

Effective mlm market segmentation will increase your loyal customer base and the productive networkers you have in your downline sales organizations. Why?

Because when you properly segment your prospects after learning more about each segment of your customer base, you will understand their particular needs, their lifestyles, their age and income ranges, their locations, their buying habits involving how and when they prefer to buy, why they buy, etc.

A person, for example, looking to join a home-based business opportunity who has recently retired, can have a very different financial need than a mom who works full-time and is raising three children. One opportunity could meet those needs better than another. Also that retiree who buys your nutritional supplement might be purchasing it mainly for the extra lutein contained in the product (for aging eyes). Whereas the mom could be purchasing it mainly for a totally different benefit.

When comparing mlm opportunities, many will provide the same time flexibility but if that flexibility is not communicated properly to the prospect who may be more concerned about that issue (like the mom), then the messaging in your communications could be off kilter.

Don’t forget about market segmentation when it comes to planning your network marketing social media campaigns, either. Your response will be more effective when your messages are better targeted.

Remember to get the right message in front of the right market segment using the right medium.

Many email service providers, like Aweber, which I use, allow you to target specific messages to various market segments in your database. This is very valuable.

Look to mlm market segmentation you can use in 2012 to better define and segment your current and prospective customers and networkers. You’ll be pleased with the results, I’m sure. And a Happy New Year to you and your family from MLM Consultants’ Blog, your resource on mlm best practices!

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